What Are We Up To?

2022-2023 School Year


The 4th Graders worked with their Kindergarten buddies this week and last to make Thanksgiving cards for our neighbors in need.



Field Trip

2021-2022 School Year

Week of 3/07-3/11

Students are learned all about energy in Science! We have learned the difference between potential and kinetic energy. With groups, students have built models to show that energy is the ability to do work. Through trial and error, they are working to build models of amusement park rides, such as a “Twist-o-Matic” and “Bumper Coasters”!

Week of 2/14-2/18

Students got the chance to design their own Olympic torches for their family, school, or community!

Week of 1/24-1/28

Learning Objective: I will be able to see Washington’s history for multiple perspectives.


Students learned about the early explorers of Washington, and analyzed how their arrival affected the Northwest Coastal Native Americans.

Week of 10/11-Week of 10/18

Learning Objective: I will be able to build a model to simulate the way different types of rocks are formed.

We made Comic Strips to show how rocks form and go through the Rock Cycle!

Week of 10/04-10/08

We are  meeting Science Standards!

Students worked in small groups to classify and identify rocks. They learned about metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks. We created models to explore the rock cycle.

Week of Sept 20-24

Students used a marble, play dough, and sand to construct a 3D model of the Earth. They observed the properties of each layer.

Week of  Sept 6- 10th

2020-2021 School Year

Monday, May 24th

We are learning about Personification, so students worked on using pictures to practice figurative language.

Tuesday, February 2nd

Students broke into “expert groups” to study the 5 Regions of Washington. They took notes, drew pictures, and collaborated on Google Slides to show their learning!

Friday, January 29th

For community time today, we read “The Bad Seed” and enjoyed a directed drawing! It was so cute and fun!

Wednesday, January 27th

Mass time with Fr. Tony is always a special treat on Wednesdays!

Tuesday, January 19th

Science Project Day! Students presented their anti-erosion projects.

Friday, January 15th

We got ready for the 3 day weekend by discussing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy. Students will explore further next week when we are together.

Tuesday, January 11th

The students were excited to read the story “Cracking Up” during Science today. It followed the process of weathering and erosion on a cliff. The rocks broke apart and eventually became sand on a sandy beach.

We were also excited to discuss our upcoming Science project. Students will be developing and testing out 2 anti-erosion projects using a stream table. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Thursday, January 7th

As we continue to study the Beatitudes, students brainstormed ways they can live the Beatitudes in their own lives!

Wednesday, January 6th

We want to say a great big THANK YOU to Ms. Romero for all she does! The class made this digital card to thank her for being such an important part of our school community.

Tuesday, January 5th

Today we watched a video from our Science curriculum showing a stream table experiment! It was so cool to watch the water flow over the sand to create a stream. We saw the water change color as is moved the sediment downstream. The erosion was clear to see.

We watched 3 trials of the experiment and recorded our observations along the way!

Monday, January 4th

Welcome back! Students had fun sharing updates and exciting memories they made over Christmas break! We set some goals for the week to help us all get focused and help with the transition back to school.

Friday, December 18th

In math, students worked collaboratively on Google Jamboard to use manipulatives to model multiplication. They had to drag the base ten block into the workspace to show equal groups of each factor. This is their first time multiplying larger numbers. Soon, they will learn the standard multiplication algorithm.

Thursday, December 17th

You’re A Mean One…Mr. Grinch! Our class celebrated Christmas by watching Ms. Romero’s famous reading of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and then followed a directed drawing video to create their own grinches. Great work, 4th Graders!

Wednesday, December 16th

Happy “Warm Clothes Wednesday”! Loving all the hats and scarves for our spirit week!

Monday, December 14th

We made comic strips in Science today to show what we’ve learned about the Rock Cycle so far! Students had a lot of fun making silly faces on their rocks and showing all they know about how rocks are formed!

Friday, December 11th

Today, we learned about Our Lady of Guadalupe and read a story about her and Juan Diego during Community Time! It was fun to read the book and celebrate Mary’s love for her people in the Americas.

St. Nick Night

Wow! We had our first virtual St. Nick Night In last night and it was a blast! Thank you to all the students and families who joined us for Christmas stories, games, crafts, songs, and dancing. I had a lot of fun hosting the Family Feud and Jeopardy games! We were all in the Christmas spirit, which was so fun to see.

Thursday, December 10th

Students continued their study of the Beatitudes again today. It is so so great to see how they wrote how we can live these Beatitudes in our lives!

In Writing, we are learning about paragraph writing. We’ve studied topic sentences, relevant details, transition words, and finally…closing sentences! Today, students found in the closing sentences in sample paragraphs, then created their own closing sentences for other paragraphs.

Wednesday, December 9th

Today, we learned about the Beatitudes and what that means in our lives today. We even learned a Beatitudes song!

Tuesday, December 8th

4th Graders are learning all about the rock cycle! We used starbursts to model the rock cycle. First, we cut the candies into little pieces to make sediment. Next, we compacted the sediment together to create a sedimentary rock. After that, we applied a lot of heat and pressure to our sedimentary rock until the layers began to swirl together. This heat and pressure, over time, created a metamorphic rock.  Finally, we completely melted our metamorphic rock into magma on our stoves. This melted magma then cooled and hardened into an igneous rock.

Next, students filled out digital graphics to show what they learned about the rock cycle!

Wednesday, December 2nd

This week, we reached out to Fr. Tony to thank him for all his hard work around school! The class worked together to make this card!

Tuesday, November 24th

We are so very thankful! Students used their budding digital technology skills to create these thankful cornucopia.