We will be using a homework planner to help students organize their homework and become more responsible.  The planner should help students plan things out.  Students should also list their extra curricular activities in the planners to help them see how to allocate their after-school time.  The homework planner does not need to be signed by parents nor will I sign it in the classroom, but if you feel like this or something else may be helpful for your child in gaining organization skills, I would be happy to help in this area.  Please assist your child at home every night by helping your child review his/her homework planner before they start homework.

Walk to Math & Walk to Read:

Homework in Reading and Math will be assigned by your child’s teacher. It is separate than homework in your student’s “File”.  Contact your child’s Reading & Math teacher with questions.

“In Your File”:

Homework will be assigned as the week unfolds, and everything will be due in their “File” in the classroom on Friday.  Homework will be posted in the room and on the teacher’s website to assist parents in checking their child’s planner. Please keep in mind that the expectation for fourth graders is to be actively using their planners and that the website is really intended for parents, not students. 


Wondering what a typical night’s homework should look like?

Language Arts- Nightly spelling homework, Vocabulary workbook (Wordly Wise), choice read 20+ minutes

Math- Around 15 minutes of a worksheet or workbook sent home. Practice multiplication facts with flashcards or app. For online math, try using Freckle for at least 20 minutes! (Mrs. Miller can track your progress and see all your hard work!) *If Math homework takes more than 30 minutes to complete, allow your child to STOP and sign their work*

Religion-practice 4th Grade prayer (St. Francis in T1, Memorare in T2)

(Below are other activities to do… not necessarily every night)

Writing-Encourage your student to practice their creative writing or paragraph writing skills. A great way to do this is to have students write about their artwork or write a letter to a family member.

Social Studies-Stay up to date on current events. Subscribe your child to an appropriate magazine or website that includes articles for and about kids! Check out Time News for Kids, Muse or National Geographic Kids. Articles are a great way to get reading practice, and can lead to amazing conversations!