Your Fourth Grader

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Technology Use:

As a teacher, I overhear many of conversations in the classroom that start with “add me on…”, “Have you ever asked Alexa to…”, “Last night I watched on YouTube…”, etc. I am well aware that these kids are a lot of talk and are just trying to impress their friends. However, so many video games have online chat capabilities, youtube has so many commercials and side ads,  and many students have access to (or their own) phone or tablet. I know you are all aware of what’s out there and are doing your part to censor just as we are doing at school. This generation has an amazing ability to figure out the ins-and-outs of technology, but I just don’t want them to grow up too fast or run into something that might be too mature for them. Thank you for all your help and support at home!

I was hoping to make you aware of a few tools I’ve found that can help parents monitor their child’s internet use at home. The first device I’d like to recommend is Circle With Disney. This device can allow you to set time limits and filters, monitor usage, and more on any device that uses home wifi. I would highly encourage you to check out this device.
Another resource you may be interested in is Common Sense Media, a website that offers reviews of movies, books, and more. This helps you know what you’re exposing your child to before it’s in front of them. Although I know that it is a family’s choice to decide what movies you think are appropriate for your children, please know that they come to school and talk about what they’ve seen and heard, and I often hear them share about seeing PG-13 and R rated movies to their friends and peers.
I care deeply about your children and do my best to instill good decision making skills in the classroom regarding internet use. It is so easy these days to “stumble” upon inappropriate and harmful content. I hope you find these resources useful, and I encourage you to let me know if you have any to share with the SMS staff to pass along to other parents.

4th Grade Sight Words:

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