Homework/In Your File

Due Jan 26th:

  • Sedimentary Rock Comic Strip (colored)
  • Growth Mindset Worksheet
  • Final Draft of Role Model Writing

Due Jan 26th:

  • Stream Table Packet
  • Growth Mindset Sort

Due Jan 19th:

  • Rock Cycle Packet

Due Jan 12th:

  • Scholastic News Packet

Due Dec 8th:

  • Science worksheet on Rocks
  • Grammar Page
  • First paragraph of Religion Writing (Role Models)

Due Dec 1:

  • Religion Page on Role Models and Leaders

Due Nov 17th:

  • Religion Unit 1 Review (p 78-79 in book)
  • Quotations Practice Page (to be assigned Tuesday)

Due Nov 3rd:

  • Vegetation Project
  • Religion Page

Due October 20th:

  • DEBUG worksheet – do with a parent
  • Religion Ten Commandments Worksheet
  • Subject/Predicate Grammar Worksheet (yellow)

Due October 13th:

  • Kinds of Sentences Worksheet (yellow)

Due October 5th:

  • Mapping Project

Due September 30th:

  • Scholastic Weekly Reader Packet
  • Grammar Page (to be assigned on Thursday)

Due September 22nd:

  • Scholastic Weekly Reader Packet
  • Grammar page

Due September 15th:

  • Place Value Packet
  • Patriot’s Day Writing Response
  • St. Francis Prayer Fill in the Blank