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Hello Fourth Grade Families,

Thanks for your patience in these busy spring weeks! I’m excited to tell you all about what the 4th Graders have been up to. After we got back from Spring Break, we attended our much anticipated Field Trip to MOHAI in Seattle. There, students were able to explore Washington’s history in a hands-on and engaging way. It was so fun!

Each small group was given an artifact that they had to investigate and decide if it belonged to explorers, pioneers, native peoples, emigrants or farmers.
It takes skill to make it all the way to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Many of us died of snakes bites, cholera, and exhaustion! How exciting!

The 4th Graders have been excited to learn all about the Oregon Trail and Westward Expansion these last few weeks. It was so great to see the level of engagement and deeper understanding they experienced after playing the original 1992 Oregon Trail Game! Anyone else remember playing this in school?

In Religion, we have started learning our last prayer for the year, the Memorare. The Memorare is a beautiful prayer to Mary often prayed as part of the Rosary. Students are also learning the Beatitudes and even heard a super cool rap about them! 😉

In Writing, we have been exploring Figurative Writing. From alliteration, hyperbole, and idioms to metaphors and similes, the class has been having a ball! They are like mini Einsteins with their writing and use of figurative language. I am a terribly tickled teacher!

I hope you’ve been enjoying this beautiful weather!

Upcoming Events/Deadlines:

  • May 4th – Scholastic Order Forms Due & T-Shirt Orders Due
  • May 11th – Spring Fling
  • May 16-17th – Spring Musical – “High School Musical 2” (Can’t wait to see you there!)
  • May 25th – No School. Accreditation day for Faculty
  • June 1st – Field Day

Have a great weekend!!


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