Update 2/02

Happy Friday, all! What a week we just had. Catholic School’s Week is always one of my favorites but can feel pretty crazy!

Here’s what we’ve been learning this week:

In Math, students are working on Chapter 6: Multi- Digit Multiplication! They are learning multiple strategies for solving multiplication problems. In Science, we have been exploring erosion and types of rocks. Students loved learning about the Rock Cycle and making comic strips to show how sediment becomes sedimentary rock. They have also been working in groups to make stream tables, where they witnessed how water erosion deposits sediment. The 4th Graders also came up with models to prevent erosion after learning of the challenges humans face due to erosion. So fun! In Reading we started a new Novel “The Name of This Book is Secret.” Its so fun and mysterious, and they are hooked already. The class is still exploring Growth Mindset and this week learned about the “Power of Yet.” The idea is that there are many things they cannot do YET, but with practice and patience, they can get there. Here are a few notable examples:

Here are some upcoming dates to add to your calendar:

Feb 13th – Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Feb 14th – Ash Wednesday (Lent Begins)

Feb 16th – NO SCHOOL

Feb 19-23 – Midwinter Break


Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!


♥ Ms. DiGirolamo

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