Update 12/09

One more week to go! We can do it!

Thank you to all who came to St. Nick Night this past Thursday. Mr. Sherman said it was the best one yet, and I’d have to agree! Wow, those 4th Graders on recorder were really something. You can tell they’ve been working hard in music (and at home as well I’m sure 😉)

Although Christmas break is in the near future and we all have holiday music stuck in our heads, the students in 4th grade have been hard at work. Here’s a summary of what we’ve been up to:

In Religion, we are still focused on role models. Jesus is our most important role model, but students were challenged to choose their own role model that helps them live as Jesus would. We are using that idea to write an informative essay all about that person. I’m excited to see where their writing takes them!

In Science, students focused primarily on volcanoes and earthquakes this week. They plotted the plate boundaries and then found that the most famous earthquakes and volcanoes in the world are in the same place. Amazing!

In Math, we celebrating finishing Ch 4 with a puzzle activity!

Factors & Multiples

On a more personal note, you may have heard that I adopted a rescue pup this past weekend. His name is Moby and I am obsessed. I shared some photos with the students and they now ask about him every day. So sweet!

“Ms. DiGirolamo, who am I?”😂

Here are some things to keep in mind for next week:

  • The annual Diaper Drive ends on Dec 13th. All sizes of diapers are welcome. Please consider donating!
  • Friday the 15th is a FULL day of school. We will also have our 4th Grade cookie swap that afternoon. Please plan to send your child to school with 40-50 cookies. They should also have a large container to bring home their swapped cookies in! Please send recipe pages to me ASAP (I make a book for the kids each year). Also let me know if your will be at school but plans not to attend for any reason. Thanks!

Have a great weekend!

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