Update 12/01

Happy December!! Can you believe its here already? Here are a few updates on what we’ve been up to in 4th Grade:

In Science, students are busy learning all about the layers of the Earth. We have explored plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes. They even learned about the Ring of Fire!

In Religion, we are learning about Jesus, Our Role Model. We’ve explored what a role model is, and the qualities they possess.  Next week, students will be writing about their role models. Please discuss this with your student this weekend so they come to class ready to share!

In Walk to Math, students are wrapping up the chapter on Multiplication and Division facts. We created factor “stockings” and multiple “ornaments” to decorate the classroom and had so much fin learning about factor ninjas and multiple monsters! This is just a preview for the full unit on long division and mulit-digit multiplication. Its so fun to watch them acquire these new math skills!


Factors of 16 and multiples of 100
Students love to creatively show what they’ve learned!
Anchor Chart for remembering factors and multiples


A few reminders:

  • The class is also busy preparing for St. Nick Night, which is Thursday December 7th at 7 pm. Please plan to arrive at 6:30.
  • The annual Diaper Drive is now until Dec 13th. All sizes of diapers are welcome. Please consider donating!
  • Our last day before break (Dec 15th) is a FULL day of school. In the past, it has been a half day. It is also our 4th Grade Cookie Swap. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.
  • I’ll be sending out one more scholastic booklet before break. Please consider buying books for your child for Christmas. Every student purchase gives our classroom points, and I can use those points to buy more books for the classroom. Its a win-win!
  • Next week, there will be NO Mass on Wednesday. Mass will be on Friday instead, as it is a holy day of obligation (Feast of the Immaculate Conception).


  • Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!


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