Update 11/13

Hi All! Hope you enjoyed your 3 day weekend! I sure did 🙂

Here are some important updates:

  1. Information about our annual Thanksgiving Boxes is going home today. Please have your item turned in by this FRIDAY. Here’s more info:

Every year our school community helps to provide families in need with the means to celebrate Thanksgiving. Our classes are working in teams to collect goods for one of the five families that our school is sponsoring through St. Vincent de Paul this year.

“We are a family of five from Puerto Rico. Our Daughters are (16) and (13) and Grandmother lives with us
too. We went through the devastating ‘Hurricane Maria’. Although our apartment wasn’t badly
damaged, we didn’t have food or water. Our Grandmother has many health problems and was not able
to get her medicines which she needs to survive. We were blessed to get a medical survival plane to the
States and are in Bellevue where we have a cousin who is a member of St. Madeleine Sophie parish.
Many people from St. Madeleine’s are helping us with household items as we could leave Puerto Rico
with only one carry-on each. We are so grateful that you are giving us a Thanksgiving box of much
needed food. Our prayers are for all of you.”

2. Conferences begin this Thursday. Dates/times should have gone home on Thursday. I can’t wait to meet with each of you.

3. Students are really working on being positive classmates this week. Here’s an anchor chart to highlight what that means.

Student generated anchor chart.

In Math, students are learning about Probability and Determining Possible Outcomes. In Science, we have focused on Earth’s Layers. Students made multiple models of the Earth, and we are moving into learning about plate techtonics. Next, volcanos and earthquakes! So fun! In Religion, we are nearing the end of Unit 1. Unit 1 Test will be on Monday, Nov 27th. Right now, students are working on making “advertising posters” to encourage other to be good stewards in their homes, community, and more. In Writing, we wrapped up the Personal Narratives. This week, students will get to share their writing with the class.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in your child’s education. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



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