Update 10/03

Yesterday, as the class was having morning meeting, one student suddenly realized it was October. And I mean he suddenly, loudly, innocently exclaimed in disbelief, “Wait, its OCTOBER?! Why didn’t anybody tell me?!? Are you SERIOUS?”

It was hilarious, and I can totally relate. I cannot believe it is already pumpkin-spice-Halloween-winter-coat-season! We have a lot going on this time of year, so I hope you’re ready for it!

On another note, in the wake of this week’s tragedy in Las Vegas, I just wanted to take the time to remind families that I truly care for each and every one of your children, and I am doing my best to instill love, compassion and bravery in each of them. These are all amazing kids and I hope a generation to help bring peace to our world.


♥ Ms. DiGirolamo

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