Update 1/26

Happy Thursday, Fourth Grade Families!

I am excited to update you on all the things the students have been up to these last few weeks! With Catholic School’s Week approaching next week, we have been busy reflecting on our favorite things about SMS!

Students used a program called Tagul to create these images for Catholic School's Week! They had so much fun customizing the art.
Students used a program called Tagul to create these images for Catholic School’s Week! They had so much fun customizing the art.


In Math: We finished up the unit on Algebraic Expressions and Patters and moved on to Geometry! Students have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes and are able to identify the number of faces, edges and vertices. Next up…(and one of my favorite Math chapters) angles!

In ELA: We are deep into idioms and figurative language. Its been such a blast using idioms we discovered from other languages. Check out our classroom for some stories containing the students’ favorite idioms!

In Religion: A lot of our religion focus these last few weeks have been on peace. We started with a read aloud of What Does Peace Feel Like? (See our classroom for what 4th Graders think peace feels/smells/looks like) We learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s influence on our country and how his message of peace is a lesson we can apply today. We also ready multiple stories of peace  including The Peace Tree of Hiroshima  and The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq. We have also started reading about how we are all created in God’s image. God gave us souls with allow us to use our intellect and free will.

In Science: We are finishing our unit on Energy. Student have learned about Electrical, Light, Sound and Thermal Energy! There will be a short quiz next week, so students should study their Science Notebooks.


PLEASE SEE TODAY’S THURSDAY PACKET FOR INFO ON CSW! Each day has a different theme and dress up day! Also, the school could really use volunteers for the pancake breakfast on Wednesday. If you’re interested in helping, please let me know! Thank you!

I hope this update finds you well. Thank you for you trust and continued support!

♥ Ms. DiGirolamo

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