Update 1/06

Hello 4th Grade Families!

I hope you all had a restful, memorable Christmas break! I had a great time relaxing in the Arizona and Florida sun, but was excited to come back to school to see so many smiling faces. I loved hearing stories of what students did over break with their friends and families.

Although it was a short week, students stayed focused and busy. In Math, they learned a new division strategy called “partial quotients.” Although many of you may have been unfamiliar with the strategy, I hope you learned a lot doing the parent partner math sheet for homework earlier in the week. We are wrapping up our division unit on Friday and will start Algebraic Patterns on Monday!

In ELA, students have been working on Figurative Language such as personification, metaphors, similes, hyperbole and more! Its so fun to see students recognize these expressions in other reading, too!

In Religion, 4th Grade has been focused on our January responsibility of leading Mass. Students have been busy writing saint reports, coordinating skits and practicing the readings. I hope you get a chance to attend Mass this month to see your child’s hard work!


Thank you for all the sweet gifts and cards given this Christmas season. It is greatly appreciated.


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