Update 12/02

Happy 1st Week of Advent, everyone!

We have had a very busy week! Thank you so much for all who attended St. Nick Night yesterday. It is always a great way to start off the Christmas season, and how cute were those 4th Graders?! I am so proud to be their teacher.

Here’s what we’ve been learning recently: 

In Math, we have moved on to the much awaited skill of long division!! It’s a tough chapter, but students started off with a generally positive attitude and will keep practicing their skills next week! The math homework next week will be a division packet.


In Science, we have started a unit on Energy! We are using an interactive science notebook. Next week, students will get to explore circuits and electrical energy! I can’t wait!

In Religion, students have been reflecting on Advent and the Life of Jesus. We have also set up our Nativity Scene and our Advent candles in the window!

Prayer table in our classroom.

We had a great time learning the basics of programming and algorithms during STEM time this week. I pulled some great resources from this website all about Computer Science Education Week, which starts on Dec 5th! We will definitely be participating! I have a great time learning new skills alongside the students.

This week during STEM time, students were introduced to programming and algorithms. They had a great time writing algorithms for grid paper drawings!
Students working together to interpret another group’s program.

Enjoy your weekend! I am flying off to Boise for a quick trip to visit friends. Looking forward to hearing about your child’s weekend as well.

♥Ms. DiGirolamo

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