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Happy Friday All!

We have had a productive, fun week here in 4th Grade! Here’s this week’s highlights:

In Math, students finished up Ch. 3 on Data Organization. As a review for the test, they worked in study groups test each other and reinforce concepts. It was so cool seeing students take on the “expert” role for certain skills and help their classmates out. They took the Ch. 3 test today, so I will get a chance to look over their scores this weekend and they should be in Powerschool soon!

In Reading, students explored the concept of Cause & Effect. We watched a Pixar Short Film called “One for the Birds” which helped us identify cause and effect. It was a fun way to engage students in learning!

In Social Studies, we started our unit on Washington Geography and History. Students were able to apply their knowledge of the 5 Themes of Geography to our own state. We have enjoyed getting to study the various regions of Washington!

During STEM time, I introduced students to 2 new websites. Students got to choose between a keyboarding program or a coding website. They loved it and it was so cool to watch them get into it!!

Using a coding website to create emojis!
Using a coding website to create emojis!
Practicing Keyboarding
Practicing Keyboarding

As some of you know, I had a minor medical emergency this week. I had some issues with my eyes and contacts, and luckily, the students were so gracious and understanding! While I was recovering, Ms. Romero and the students made me the sweetest sign! ♥


Chat soon!

♥Ms. DiGirolamo

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