Update 9/29

Hello 4th Grade Families!

Can you believe that next week is October!? There are so many things to be excited for!

In our classroom, we have been working hard to follow our classroom rules: Work Hard, Be Kind. These 4th Graders are so passionate about life, their school and their learning!

Two helpful students volunteered their recess to help pick up trash on our playground!
Two helpful students volunteered their recess to help pick up trash on our playground!

I have seen so many students trying their hardest to be self directed learners. I catch kids studying and working ahead all the time, and its amazing! I am so proud of the class for their passion for learning!

In Math, we have been working with numbers up to the ten thousands. Students are practicing their estimating and rounding skills. Although these may be skills students are already familiar with, they are important foundations for more complex math to come!

During our Math TIME, students get to participate in the following rotations:

Technology (XtraMath and Front Row in ipads)

Independence (assignments due at the end of the class period, usually a worksheet or task cards)

Making Meaning (playing math games with dice and cards that help them practice their skills)

Extension (Students work on math journal prompts or projects related to the chapter)

In Science, we are wrapping up our Earth Materials unit. Students so far have observed and analyzed mock rocks, performed scratch tests on minerals, tested rocks for calcite using vinegar, and next week they will use all the skills they’ve been acquiring to identify granite in a sample of rocks! We have had so much fun making observations, performing experiments and using real tools that geologists use!

In Religion, students have shown so much growth in their memorization of the St Francis Prayer for Peace! We will continue to take practice tests and eventually students will have an opportunity to show their mastery! We have also been learning about the Old and New Testament and how to read the Bible!

During our STEM time, students learned about technology and were able to access their Google accounts. We played around with Google Classroom and practiced completing assignments online. Please help reinforce that students are to use these accounts for school purposes only!

Please, PLEASE, please, do not forget that the SMS Move-A-Thon will take place next week on October 6th! Its imperative that all families help raise money for pledges to support our school. The top class wins a pizza party!! Please take some time this weekend to ask neighbors and/or family members for donations. It is much appreciated.

There are some items our classroom is in need of: We are looking for…

  • A class set of clipboards (~21)
  • classroom plants, always (houseplants really help make our classroom feel inviting)
  • book donations, always (preferably at 4th Grade level or higher)
  • legos and dominos for our STEM bins

Thank you so much for your continued support and guidance in your child’s education, I am so thankful to be apart of the SMS community and your child’s teacher!

♥Ms. DiGirolamo

Ps. Congrats to Liza for being nominated to “Keep the Quote” from last week! “Don’t wait to be friendly…do it now!”



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