Update 9/22

Happy Wednesday! What a great week we’ve had here in 4th Grade! Let me tell you about the highlights:

Our quote of the week: “Don’t wait to be friendly…do it now!”

In Math, I am excited to see our 4th Graders working hard to practice their place value skills. Just this week, they showed mastery in ordering, comparing and rounding numbers up to the millions place!  We are quickly moving past our place value chapter and onto multi-digit addition and subtraction. Please look in your child’s binder today for information going home about a great program called Front Row. This Math (and ELA) program is individualized for students and allows them to work at their own pace and at their own level. We will be using Front Row during Math, and its a great way for each student to be challenged and work at a pace that is best for them. I can give students assignments to practice specific skills and there are games available as well! Please check out the program at home and try to make Front Row a part of your nightly routine, if you can! I would love feedback on how that works for you! Also, please prepare for more math homework to come home each night. Students should be working on math for around 20 minutes at home!

In Science, students have observed crystals and identified the type of salt I used based on the crystal’s characteristic patterns and shapes! Students learned that we will be working with real earth materials (minerals) next week. They will be conducting many tests on the minerals, such as scratch tests and acid tests. We also had our first run at using STEM bins, a hands-on activity where students work in groups and “engineer” structures using various materials. This week, students worked with unifix cubes, index cards or base 10 blocks. It was so much fun and helped students work on their cooperation, compromise and teamwork skills!img_1715-1

In Religion, students took their first round of St. Francis Prayer tests. The tests are fill in the blank, and students worked together to complete the prayer. Its amazing to see how much progress they’ve made already!

Please remember that the Move-A-Thon is quickly approaching, and raising money for our school will benefit all! Please see the Thursday packets for more information.

There are some items our classroom is in need of: We are looking for…

  • A class set of clipboards
  • classroom plants, always
  • book donations, always (preferably at 4th Grade level or higher)
  • legos and dominos for our STEM bins

Did you see that I added some new pages to the website? Check out the following pages for more class info:

  1. Need Homework Help?
  2. Homework (where I talk about what your child should be doing each night)
  3. Your Fourth Grader

Thanks so much for your continued trust and support. I am so lucky to be your child’s teacher!

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