Update 9/16

Hello Fabulous 4th Grade Families,

Welcome back and I hope your school year has been off to a great start. Mine sure has! 🙂

Thanks to all the parents who made it out to Back to School Night yesterday. It was great seeing all of you and having the opportunity to share more about myself and our classroom. If you did not attend B2SN, please look in your student’s binder/backpack for some paperwork that I sent home. Thank you again! We are still looking for a parent to volunteer to be the Art Auction Project Volunteer for our school auction in April. This would be a pretty easy job, and I can give more detail if you’re interested. Last year, 4th Grade made a quilt made by my mom! Check out her website (http://www.fabriccreationsbykathy.com/)  if you’re interested. She specializes in T-Shirt quilts and does an AMAZING JOB!


This week, we really dove head first into academics. Here’s a brief summary:

In Math, students showed me their amazing place value skills by representing numbers in various ways-standard form, word form, and expanded form. They also practiced comparing numbers into the ten thousands! Next week, onto rounding numbers into the millions!

In Religion, students have been learning the many ways that God has revealed himself to us. First, through Old Testament and the stories of creation and the Covenant. Second, through the Old Testament and Jesus’ life. We are also reflecting on being saints for others, the school theme this year. I also introduced our first 4th Grade prayer–St. Francis’s Prayer for Peace. You can find a copy in your student’s binder!

In Science, our class of geologists have excitedly begun our Earth Materials Unit. We analyzed, observed and eventually took apart our “mock rocks”. We discovered that rocks are Earth materials made up of more than one “ingredient” or mineral. We have been doing lots of experiments regarding separating the ingredients of our mock rocks even further. More to come next week!

This week, our class quote was “lets all be BRAVE.” I wrote the quote on a piece of poster paper and displayed it in the classroom. Throughout the week, students tried to live out the quote, and today, we voted on which 4th Grade student really represented the quote as best as they could. Congratulations to Julie Grace for being our first student to Keep the Quote!

Thank you so much for reading!

Have an amazing weekend,

♥ Ms. DiGirolamo


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