Weekly Update 3/03

Happy March, everybody! I can hardly believe we are into a new month and almost our LAST trimester together. I can’t bear to think about all our fun coming to an end…. FullSizeRender-2

This week, we learned a bit about Women’s History Month and Dr. Seuss. On Wednesday, PK-4th Graders celebrated the beloved Dr. Seuss’ birthday with a huge reading/activity party! Students made ‘Seustastic’ crafts, played with Cat in the Hat playing cards, and did LOTS of reading. We had a blast!

This week, we have continued our expressions unit in Math. I have written some secret messages to students using variables to replace numbers, and the kids did great deciphering my codes! 🙂 In Social Studies, we learned about various economic systems such as capitalism and communism. We learned this week that our next big writing project will be ESSAYS!  Please look for a paper sent home detailing what will be expected of the 4th graders in this unit.

Our most exciting times this week has been in Science! In order to determine the preferred environments for our isopods and beetles, we have been conducting some fun experiments. We learned that isopods prefer moist, dark environments, while the darkling beetles petered dry, dark environments! Next up…students create their own tests to determine what other types of environments the creatures will prefer! Stay tuned 😉

We are wrapping up our Art Auction project this week. Thank you to those who ensured that their students produced their best work. I believe the project will turn out beautiful!

I hope the update finds you all healthy and healthy. Only a few more weeks of Lent and we will be approaching Holy Week, Easter and Spring Break!

Thank you for all you do in order to make our 4th Grade family as special as it is!

♥Ms. DiGirolamo

Students were prompted to write their favorite part about being in this 4th Grade Class.

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