Weekly Update 2/25

Hello My Favorite Fourth Grade Families! ūüôā

Welcome back from mid-winter break! What a fun week we have had so far! Our field trip on Tuesday was a huge success, and I am proud to say that 4th graders represented SMS very well. Their respect and engagement was impressive. (Check out our class Shutterfly page to see some great pics!) We thoroughly enjoyed the IMAX movie National Parks Adventure 3D. Our world, and our nation, is absolutely beautiful. I encourage you to go out and explore it with your family. In fact, I have FREE National Park Passes available for each of your children!! Once students complete their field trip reflection project, they will receive their free pass. It is valid in ALL National Parks until August 2016! WOO!

In Math, we have moved into our Algebraic Patterns Unit! Students will explore many new skills, including identifying patterns, finding the value of expressions, finding rules to write equations and identifying extra or missing information in an equation. It should be a challenging and engaging unit!

In Religion, students are writing entries in their Lent journals. We also learned the other day that God is LOVE, and that he shows his love for us in so many ways. I have encouraged students to give that love they receive from God to others, especially those in the margins. We learned that people in the margins are those who are not naturally in our lives, whom we are removed from. Recipients of the donations from our CRS Rice Bowls are a great example of giving to those in the margins.

In Science, we have some exciting developments. Last night after school, I received our class’ shipment of LIVE MATERIALS! Beetles and Isopods have entered our classroom, and we are ready to conduct some tests to find the preferred environments for our bugs! Students will conduct tests to determine which type of soil (dry, moist, wet) the bugs prefer. We will place them in our terrarium today as well, and let them explore that environment. What fun! (Lets hope none of them escape, Ms. DiGirolamo is not the biggest bug fan) ūüėČ

Please be on the lookout for a paper I will send home tomorrow (Friday) regarding the 4th Grade Art Auction project. Students will be required to do some art over the weekend.  We have quite an exciting project to offer this year! Please let me know if you have any questions.

What great weather we’ve had the past few days. I hope you’ve had an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with your families.

Thank you for this opportunity to teach your wonderful children! I am, as always, feeling truly blessed to be in their lives.


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