Terrarium Update

As we head into mid-winter break, the students began to worry about their terrariums! I promised them this afternoon that I would take each terrarium home, and care for it based on their instructions. Students were able to write detailed, specific instructions for how I should care for the terrariums while they were away! If you get a chance over break, ask your child some of the questions on the following list. It will be a great conversation starter! 🙂

Terrarium Observations

  • How do the sides and the top of the terrarium look?
  • How does the soil look?
  • Have any seeds sprouted?
  • What kind of seeds sprouted first? What kind of seeds sprouted last?
  • What kind of plant grows best in your terrarium?
    How have the living factors of the environment changed?
  • How have the nonliving factors of the environment changed?
  • Which organisms found your terrarium a favorable environment? Why do you think so?
  • How would you recommend planting seeds in a terrarium? How much soil should be on top of a seed? Do different types of seeds require different planting techniques?
  • How is the environment in your terrarium different that the more common environment for corn, barley, clover, radishes and peas?
  • If you were going to set up a terrarium again, what would you do differently and why?
  • What factors might affect the growth of the plants in your terrarium if you repeated the investigation during a different season? In a different room in the school? In a different part of the country?

Have a wonderful break, SMS Families! 


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