Weekly Update 2/10

Happy Ash Wednesday Families!!

Thank you so much for all your help and support with the Valentine’s Day party, and for all those who helped make my birthday (2/9) so special! I told everyone that the best gift of all was having such a fabulous class! All your children are so dear and special to me.

These past 2 weeks, 4th graders have been busy! We celebrated Catholic School’s Week last week with many festivity and free dress days! In Science, we planted our terrariums and made our first entry in our Terrestrial Journals. The students (without any h11elp!) made plans to plant various seeds…radish, corn, peas, barley and clovers! We left for the weekend and then BOOM! Students saw Monday morning that their terrariums have come to life! IMG_8312It is so exciting to see their engagement and interest in the germination of the seeds. We are making predictions, observations and learning all about environmental factors! Such fun!!!

In Math, students are continuing to learn about multiplication.We made Factor Ninjas and Mulitple Monsters, and practiced our math facts by finding factors and multiples of numbers. Students did great, and we are preparing to move onto our functions unit. We will start with addition and subtraction functions, and move on from there.

In Social Studies, we started our Human Geography Unit, where we have been learning about population and migration. Its so interesting to explore concepts such as population density, population growth, and the reasons that people may move to or from an area. This unit will prepare us to learn all about explorers!

Please do not forget that next week is mid-winter break…no school! I encourage you to help your student use this time to recharge, read and spend time with friends! Lets pray for good weather!

Right after our midwinter break, we will be getting ready for our class field trip to the Pacific Science Center. Please look for more info to come, especially if you are going to be a chaperone. Also, we are officially scheduled to see the IMAX show National Parks Adventure 3D. I’ve heard its really great, and fits right into our curriculum! Score! 🙂

Thank you for continuing to be a spiritual role model to your children, especially during this season of Lent. Your example of prayer, fasting and almsgiving will make all the difference in your student’s life.


♥Ms. DiGirolamo

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