Update 11/24

Hello 4th Grade Families,

Happy short week! It has been so lovely meeting with parents for conferences this week. I feel so blessed that you’ve all taken the time to discuss with me your student’s strengths, challenges and progress. SMS is truly blessed to have you here.

Although it’s been a short week, I have tried to squeeze in as much academics as I can! Students have been busy reading The Last of the Really Great Whandoodles in this class for Walk to Read. Its such a fun adventurous book! In Math, students created their own Scoot game on notecards with multi-digit addition and subtraction problems. We placed the questions all around the room and students “Scooted” around answering them. It was great to move around and solve problems our classmates created! We have also been busy studying the Memorare. Its amazing to see so many students so motivated to learn this new prayer. It has enhanced our Morning Meetings and I have noticed more engagement and excitement to recite the prayer. Our class has also been preparing for St. Nick Night (Dec 3rd, don’t forget!) by rehearsing our songs. It has really gotten us into the holiday spirit.

I hope you all enjoy the days off and time with family and friends. Please take this opportunity to remind your children that we have so much to be thankful for, and that it feels so great to give to others. Speaking of which, our Thanksgiving boxes went out today. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR DONATIONS. The family we are sponsoring will be so thankful.

As always, I feel beyond blessed to be your child’s 4th grade teacher. Thank you!

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