Update 11/18

Hi Everyone!

We have been having a nice week so far! We had quite the “adventure” yesterday with the power outages, but the students handled the change very well! They were still hard at work in the dark, using iPads and flashlights to complete their Maps and Globes books. I am glad that everyone was able to stay safe (and dry) through the weather. Let us continue to pray for those who were less fortunate.

Students have been working hard in Math to add and subtract multi-digit numbers. We are focusing on subtracting across zeros, which can be quite challenging at times. In Science, we are learning about mineral properties, and conducted scratch tests on 4 special minerals. Students learned how to identify the minerals based on “hardness” using tools such as fingernails, pennies and paper clips. They were excited geologists! 🙂 In Writing, we are continuing our Personal Narratives and learning how to edit, revise and add details.

Just a reminder that Scholastic Book Orders are due on FRIDAY! Our Class code is PHHW7. Please consider ordering online.

We are very sad as a school to say goodbye to the Josey family, as they will be venturing off to Australia. Gianluca, you’ve been such a wonderful addition to our 4th Grade Family and we will not forget you! [bs_icon name=”glyphicon glyphicon-heart”]

Thank you all for your support at home. Your kids bring so much joy!

Stay Warm,

Ms. DiGirolamo

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