Weekly Update 10/23

Hello Wonderful 4th Grade Families!

Week 7 was a success! We are finishing up our Place Value assessments, and many students have showed mastery in the various skills while working with a number up to the millions– writing in expanded, standard and word form, ordering, comparing and rounding, as well as working through word problems. It’s great to see students able to do things that just a few weeks ago, they could not!

This week, I introduced the students to GoNoodle. Its a great website full of videos that guide students through dances, meditations, stretching exercises and coordination activities. We use GoNoodle to help us get out our wiggles, refocus and as a “transition/brain break” activity between subjects. This is a free resource for teachers and parents, so I would encourage you to check it out! It’s a great (and safe!) site for kids to use and explore on their own or with friends/siblings! We sure have fun in class with it.

I would like to remind all families that next week we will be taking the ITBS standardized tests. It is very important that your students come to school well rested and well fed–breakfast and sleep is ESSENTIAL to your student doing their very best next week. The purpose of these tests is not to stress you or the kids out, so please remember, we use these tests to get feedback on the various learning areas and inform future teaching for the bulk of the year. I have tried to emphasize to the students that all I ask is that they do their best. If you find that your child is stressing about testing, please let me know, and I will do my best to ease their anxiety. I have a very fun week planned for us, and testing is just a part of what we will be doing 🙂

Speaking of plans….next week we will be celebrating Halloween as a class! Friday afternoon is our class party! Students may come to school in free dress (NOT in costume) and will be able to “change” into their costumes at the end of the day before the party. Any questions about the party can be directed toward our wonderfully fabulous room parent, Tricia Bertsch. Please send your student with a costume they can easily put on, preferably something that can slip on over their regular clothes. As always, costumes should be appropriate and reflect our school philosophy. Do not allow your child to bring weapons or masks of any kind. Thank you! 🙂

Have a super weekend!

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