Weekly Update 10/16

Happy Friday 4th Grade Families!

Our class had a super week, but it went by so quickly!! I can hardly believe we are starting our 7th week of school on Monday. We learned so many things this week. One of my favorite lessons was our “DEBUG” lesson, where we practiced strategies for dealing with conflict. Students decorated an index card and wrote on the back the strategy they want to focus on this week. Please ask them what DEBUG stands for and see if they can name them all!

D-Decide to Ignore

E-Exit/Move Away

B-Be Friendly

U-Use Firm Words

G-Get An Adult

We have been working in math on ordering, comparing and rounding numbers up to the millions. Its so exciting to see how much they are able to do already! Wednesday was World Math Day, so students participated in that by playing Mathletics with the help of some middle schoolers. It was pretty fun to play math games against students from all over the world. Be sure to ask your child which countries they played against! 🙂

In Science, we finally broke apart our Mock Rocks and divided all the materials into piles. We are learning that rocks are made up of various earth materials, and its a geologist’s job to figure out what! I was glad to see that the students were mature when using our geologists tools such as nails (our version of a pick axe) and hands lens.

In Religion, we are continuing the “Steps To Respect” program, so students are learning how to respond appropriately to friendly behavior, and how to foster friendships both at school and in the community. We practiced “good” and “bad” responses to someone giving us a compliment or trying to start a conversation.

Thank you again for your continued support of SMS! Just a quick reminder that donations related to the Move A Thon will be accepted until October 30th!

Parents, please remember to encourage your children to eat hearty, nutritious breakfasts, and pack a lunch that will help their bodies and brains! This is especially important as cold/flu season is upon us AND as we approach ITBS Testing (more on that next week).

Enjoy your (hopefully) sunny weekends and I can’t wait to see you again on Monday. I’m so blessed to be apart of your children’s lives, so thank you for that.

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