Weekly Update 9/25

Hello 4th Grade Families!

Thank you for another fabulous week. I can’t believe we have been in school for 3 weeks now. I hope all your students are adjusting well to being back at school, and are enjoying their time at SMS.

This week, we really dove into math and social studies. In math, we are learning about place value to the millions place, and different ways to represent that number. Want to challenge your student this weekend? Ask them to write your telephone number in standard, word and expanded form! 🙂 In social studies, we learned about the 5 themes of geography and made a fun foldable. See if your student can list all 5, and sing the song we learned (and got stuck in our heads) to help us remember! We also talked about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, and students were able to share what many of the “fruits” mean to them. As the Fruits of the Holy Spirit are a part of our school-wide theme this year, we will be exploring this topic frequently!

Next week, we will be starting Walk To Read and our first science investigation. We are going to be studying earth materials, and I am so excited to share with the students all different types of rocks and minerals.

Please continue to consider participating in the Global Reading Challenge this year! It is an exciting reading opportunity for 4th and 5th graders only!

Don’t forget to get pledges for the Move-A-Thon! If you have any questions about how that will work, please ask. More info to come on the incentives for students who receive top pledges! Thank you!

Have a wonderful, safe, productive weekend everybody!


♥ Ms. DiGirolamo


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