Update 1/26

Happy Thursday, Fourth Grade Families!

I am excited to update you on all the things the students have been up to these last few weeks! With Catholic School’s Week approaching next week, we have been busy reflecting on our favorite things about SMS!

Students used a program called Tagul to create these images for Catholic School's Week! They had so much fun customizing the art.
Students used a program called Tagul to create these images for Catholic School’s Week! They had so much fun customizing the art.


In Math: We finished up the unit on Algebraic Expressions and Patters and moved on to Geometry! Students have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes and are able to identify the number of faces, edges and vertices. Next up…(and one of my favorite Math chapters) angles!

In ELA: We are deep into idioms and figurative language. Its been such a blast using idioms we discovered from other languages. Check out our classroom for some stories containing the students’ favorite idioms!

In Religion: A lot of our religion focus these last few weeks have been on peace. We started with a read aloud of What Does Peace Feel Like? (See our classroom for what 4th Graders think peace feels/smells/looks like) We learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s influence on our country and how his message of peace is a lesson we can apply today. We also ready multiple stories of peace  including The Peace Tree of Hiroshima  and The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq. We have also started reading about how we are all created in God’s image. God gave us souls with allow us to use our intellect and free will.

In Science: We are finishing our unit on Energy. Student have learned about Electrical, Light, Sound and Thermal Energy! There will be a short quiz next week, so students should study their Science Notebooks.


PLEASE SEE TODAY’S THURSDAY PACKET FOR INFO ON CSW! Each day has a different theme and dress up day! Also, the school could really use volunteers for the pancake breakfast on Wednesday. If you’re interested in helping, please let me know! Thank you!

I hope this update finds you well. Thank you for you trust and continued support!

♥ Ms. DiGirolamo

Update 1/06

Hello 4th Grade Families!

I hope you all had a restful, memorable Christmas break! I had a great time relaxing in the Arizona and Florida sun, but was excited to come back to school to see so many smiling faces. I loved hearing stories of what students did over break with their friends and families.

Although it was a short week, students stayed focused and busy. In Math, they learned a new division strategy called “partial quotients.” Although many of you may have been unfamiliar with the strategy, I hope you learned a lot doing the parent partner math sheet for homework earlier in the week. We are wrapping up our division unit on Friday and will start Algebraic Patterns on Monday!

In ELA, students have been working on Figurative Language such as personification, metaphors, similes, hyperbole and more! Its so fun to see students recognize these expressions in other reading, too!

In Religion, 4th Grade has been focused on our January responsibility of leading Mass. Students have been busy writing saint reports, coordinating skits and practicing the readings. I hope you get a chance to attend Mass this month to see your child’s hard work!


Thank you for all the sweet gifts and cards given this Christmas season. It is greatly appreciated.


Ms. DiGirolamo

Update 11/17

Hello Wonderful Parents!

Can I start by saying how thankful I am to be your child’s teacher?! It is so wonderful to watch these kids work hard, reflect deeply and learn together. It really does remind me why I chose to be a teacher in the first place.

LOOK at what students have been busy working on!


They seem to be particularly enjoying the World Vegetation projects and showing their amazing Multi-Digit Multiplication skills!

Thanks for all your donations to this year’s Thanksgiving Boxes! The family receiving these items are very thankful.

I look forward to meeting with families next week for conferences. Please check your child’s Thursday folder for more information.

I am also excited to announce that we have a field trip planned for December! We will be traveling to the Living Computers Museum + Labs in Seattle. The permission slips went home today and should be in your child’s binder. The cost of the field trip is still in the works as I am trying to schedule some additional labs and activities at the museum. More info on prices will be sent home later. Please consider driving and chaperoning on this field trip. Thank you!

Keep in mind that St. Nick Night is quickly approaching–Dec 1st! We need students in the church by 6:30 pm.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you all soon!



Mark Your Calendars!

November 11th: No school, Veterans Day observed

November 21st & 22nd : Half day of school for Parent-Teacher Conferences

November 24th & 25th: No school for Thanksgiving Holiday

December 1st: St. Nick Night at 7pm in the Church

December 16th: noon dismissal for Christmas Break

December 19th – January 3rd: Christmas Break

Update 10/28

Happy Friday All!

We have had a productive, fun week here in 4th Grade! Here’s this week’s highlights:

In Math, students finished up Ch. 3 on Data Organization. As a review for the test, they worked in study groups test each other and reinforce concepts. It was so cool seeing students take on the “expert” role for certain skills and help their classmates out. They took the Ch. 3 test today, so I will get a chance to look over their scores this weekend and they should be in Powerschool soon!

In Reading, students explored the concept of Cause & Effect. We watched a Pixar Short Film called “One for the Birds” which helped us identify cause and effect. It was a fun way to engage students in learning!

In Social Studies, we started our unit on Washington Geography and History. Students were able to apply their knowledge of the 5 Themes of Geography to our own state. We have enjoyed getting to study the various regions of Washington!

During STEM time, I introduced students to 2 new websites. Students got to choose between a keyboarding program or a coding website. They loved it and it was so cool to watch them get into it!!

Using a coding website to create emojis!
Using a coding website to create emojis!
Practicing Keyboarding
Practicing Keyboarding

As some of you know, I had a minor medical emergency this week. I had some issues with my eyes and contacts, and luckily, the students were so gracious and understanding! While I was recovering, Ms. Romero and the students made me the sweetest sign! ♥


Chat soon!

♥Ms. DiGirolamo

Videos to be shown in class

Hello everyone! I wanted to share a list with you of the videos I plan to watch with my Walk To Read class in the following months. The purpose of these videos is to teach students about various reading comprehension strategies in an exciting way! We will then fill out graphic organizers to solidify the learning! You can find the list to the videos here. Thanks!

Update 10/23

Happy Sunday, 4th Grade Families!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend and are ready for another great week of learning. Here are some highlights from last week:

In Math, students continue to work on representing and analyzing data. They learned that to analyze means to look at closely and take apart. Through analyzing, students were able to find the median, mode and outlier of data sets!

In Religion, students also did some analyzing, but this time with the St. Francis prayer. By breaking the prayer apart, students were able to better understand what the prayer means and what we are asking of God when we pray it. It was challenging for the class, but with some time, they were able to make the connections!

In Social Studies, we have excitedly been exploring geography concepts such as maps, cardinal directions, and finally, latitude and longitude. We also began the exciting process of studying our very own state!

Students were able to identify major roads, highways, parks, bodies of water and cities.
Students were able to identify major roads, highways, parks, bodies of water and cities.
Students work together to find various features of Washington.
Students work together to find various features of Washington.

As many of you know, we had to cancel our field trip to the Corn Maze last minute due to weather. The field trip has been rescheduled for Wednesday, Oct 26 at 10:15. Most of the original drivers are able to attend, but if you’re interested in coming along this time, please let me know! We could always use more chaperone and drivers. 

Upcoming Events: 

-Maggie Lee for Good Day Celebration- Oct 26 at Mass

-SLE Winners announced- Oct 26 at Mass

-Field Trip to the Corn Maze- Oct 26 after Mass

Our Classroom is in Need of:

-A parent to help assemble Scholastic Book Orders (last year I just sent the packets home parents/students put them together)

-Donations of skittles (for an upcoming Math lesson)

-book donations, always

-class plants, always

-a class set of clip boards


Please don’t forget…if you signed up to donate or help with the Halloween Party, that date is quickly approaching!

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement! I am so lucky to be your child’s teacher at SMS!


Ms. DiGirolamo


Update 10/13

Hello All!

Thanks for checking in. We had a fabulous week here in 4th Grade. Although it was ITBS Testing week, students showed impressive stamina and dedication! I was thoroughly impressed by their hard work and I look forward to sharing their scores with you during conferences in November.

Here’s what we’ve been learning:

In Social Studies, we started our fun Geography unit. Students learned about the 5 themes of geography and made beautiful foldables to represent their learning. You can see their work hanging in our classroom, so stop on by. We also discussed maps and globes and will continue to explore geography concepts.

We are hoping to receive books from King Country Library soon so that Global Reading Challenge participants can begin reading. Thank you so much for your patience and dedication. Feel free to email me or Ms. Heline (kheline@stmadsophie.org) with any questions.

Do you have any plans for this Friday night? Join SMS staff and parents for the Auction Kick Off Party at 7pm on 10/14! Admission is a $25 bottle of wine or giftcard (each). I hope to see you there!

Our first field trip to the Washington Corn Maze is next Thursday. Students should wear weather appropriate clothes and shoes, but still be in uniform, please. I will send an email out to all drivers with more information. Thanks!

We had an AMAZING hour of STEM stations this week! Below are pictures of activities students were able to do! Enjoy.


Have a safe, productive weekend!

♥ Ms. DiGirolamo

STEM Challenge: Build a house.
STEM Challenge: Build a house.
Students working together to problem solve
Students working together to problem solve
Technology Station: Students completed assignments on Google Classroom. They also go to listen to Noisli while they worked!
Technology Station: Students completed assignments on Google Classroom. They also go to listen to Noisli while they worked!
Experimenting with circuits!
Experimenting with circuits!
Students worked in groups to complete circuit projects.
Students worked in groups to complete circuit projects.


Update 9/29

Hello 4th Grade Families!

Can you believe that next week is October!? There are so many things to be excited for!

In our classroom, we have been working hard to follow our classroom rules: Work Hard, Be Kind. These 4th Graders are so passionate about life, their school and their learning!

Two helpful students volunteered their recess to help pick up trash on our playground!
Two helpful students volunteered their recess to help pick up trash on our playground!

I have seen so many students trying their hardest to be self directed learners. I catch kids studying and working ahead all the time, and its amazing! I am so proud of the class for their passion for learning!

In Math, we have been working with numbers up to the ten thousands. Students are practicing their estimating and rounding skills. Although these may be skills students are already familiar with, they are important foundations for more complex math to come!

During our Math TIME, students get to participate in the following rotations:

Technology (XtraMath and Front Row in ipads)

Independence (assignments due at the end of the class period, usually a worksheet or task cards)

Making Meaning (playing math games with dice and cards that help them practice their skills)

Extension (Students work on math journal prompts or projects related to the chapter)

In Science, we are wrapping up our Earth Materials unit. Students so far have observed and analyzed mock rocks, performed scratch tests on minerals, tested rocks for calcite using vinegar, and next week they will use all the skills they’ve been acquiring to identify granite in a sample of rocks! We have had so much fun making observations, performing experiments and using real tools that geologists use!

In Religion, students have shown so much growth in their memorization of the St Francis Prayer for Peace! We will continue to take practice tests and eventually students will have an opportunity to show their mastery! We have also been learning about the Old and New Testament and how to read the Bible!

During our STEM time, students learned about technology and were able to access their Google accounts. We played around with Google Classroom and practiced completing assignments online. Please help reinforce that students are to use these accounts for school purposes only!

Please, PLEASE, please, do not forget that the SMS Move-A-Thon will take place next week on October 6th! Its imperative that all families help raise money for pledges to support our school. The top class wins a pizza party!! Please take some time this weekend to ask neighbors and/or family members for donations. It is much appreciated.

There are some items our classroom is in need of: We are looking for…

  • A class set of clipboards (~21)
  • classroom plants, always (houseplants really help make our classroom feel inviting)
  • book donations, always (preferably at 4th Grade level or higher)
  • legos and dominos for our STEM bins

Thank you so much for your continued support and guidance in your child’s education, I am so thankful to be apart of the SMS community and your child’s teacher!

♥Ms. DiGirolamo

Ps. Congrats to Liza for being nominated to “Keep the Quote” from last week! “Don’t wait to be friendly…do it now!”